How to lay wallpaper - a practical guide

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Wallpaper allows you to quickly and impressively change the décor of the apartment. However, not everyone knowshow to lay wallpaper so that the walls look aesthetically pleasing. This type of venture can be done independently, especially since modern wallpapers are usually convenient to lay. We encourage you to read our article if you want to learn how to put wallpaper step by step.

Accessories needed to position the wallpaper

Before we start wallpapering,you need to prepare suitable accessories for this purpose. Some of them can be counted to the absolute minimum, while others should provide us with comfort of work. This is a work that requires quite intense effort - leaning, lifting, climbing the ladder. For this reason, it is worth creating comfortable conditions when wallpapering walls. Some of the useful accessories we find at home. Others will have to be purchased. What should I stock up on before we start applying wallpaper?

  • buckets (for glue and water),
  • sponges for washing adhesive traces,
  • sharp scissors,
  • universal knife,
  • sandpaper
  • putty,
  • level, or more convenient when wallpapering masonry pawn,
  • brush for pressing the wallpaper,
  • rubber roller and adhesive application brush,
  • steel rail (useful when sticking and trimming wallpaper)
  • wallpaper table.

Prepare a wall for wallpaper

If you are wondering how to glue the wallpaper,do not forget about the proper preparation of the walls. Plastered walls and drywall must be covered with a layer of gypsum putty or primer. You need to do it about 24 hours before sticking the wallpaper. If you want to put wallpaper on the walls in places where there is high humidity (kitchen/bathroom), we should also protect them with a layer of waterproof mortar.How to wallpaper walls that were already painted before? First, they need to be de-de-ex offior with a washing preparation for the walls. If the surface is covered with former oil paint, wipe it with sandpaper. If we neglect it, it can be too slippery and the glue will not be able to maintain it well.

How to put wallpaper?

How to lay the wallpaper so that the wall looks aesthetically pleasing and glamorous?Here are the next stepsthat need to be done during this project.

Step 1

Let's designate on the wall a place where the edges of the strips of wallpaper should end. Let's do it using a masonry vertical or a level and mark it with a pencil.

Step 2

If you want to glue the wallpaper, let's start from one edge of the room and head towards the other. However, if there is a window or door on the wall, then the wallpapering of the wall should start with the surface close to them.

Step 3

We trim the wallpaper strip. When gluing flizelin or vinyl wallpaper, we distribute the glue only on the surface of the wall. As for the paper wallpaper, then we begin to distribute the glue from the center of the strip and head towards its edges. This will allow for an even distribution of the substance.

Step 4

Let's fold the top of the strip to the center of the wallpaper and do the same with the lower part. Let's put the wallpaper on the wall about 2-3 cm from the ceiling and unfold the first part of the folded belt. The second remains complex - we will take care of it after gluing the first fragment.

Step 5

Let's check that the wallpaper lies on the previously defined vertical lines and that the belt is at the correct height. Then press it against the wall and smooth it with a brush, roller or dry cloth.

Step 6

In the next step, we unfold the second half of the wallpaper. Remember to hold the upper part so that it does not slip. Now let's smooth the whole thing and cut off the unnecessary lower part of the strip.

Step 7

We glue the remaining parts of the wallpaper in the way that we described above. Let's make sure that the fragments are adjusted so that the wall clearances are not visible between them. Let us also try not to overlap each other with stripes.

How to put wallpaper in the corners?

A common mistake when wallpapering is ineffable sticking it in the corners. Beginners happen to place it in such a way that the belts are connected at the contact of two walls. In this way, you can see theunsightly-looking clearance between parts of the wallpaper.So how to put wallpaper in the corners? Measure the distance from the last sticky part of the wallpaper to the angle and make sure it is identical at the top and bottom of the wall. Add at least 2-3 cm to the distance. Measure the width on the roll of wallpaper and cut out a fragment from it.Now lubricate with glue a piece of wallpaper or a wall - depending on the type of wallpaper used, and then press it against the wall to match the last prepared british wallpaper. You should get a few centimeter strip, which overlaps the wall, on which there is not yet a sticky wallpaper. Prepare the next belt of standard sizes. Glue it in such a way that it comes into contact with the corner and overlap the narrow strip.This will allow you to get the perfect connection,between which you will not see a white part of the wall.

Wallpapering errors

It happens that novice people do not know how to lay wallpaper. What are the most common errors when wallpapering?

  • Poor choice of wallpaper - choosing wallpaper should take into account not only its color or pattern, but also the purpose and parameters. This will avoid situations such as the location of non-water-resistant wallpaper in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Improper measure of the room - remember to carefully measure the walls and divide the length of the wall by the width of the rollers. Let's also take into account the stock for measurement errors and mistakes that can happen when putting wallpaper.
  • Inadequately prepared substrate for wallpapering - before placing the wallpaper, the surface of the wall should be cleaned well and primed.
  • Airing during wallpapering - when sticking wallpaper, you should not ventilate the room or heat it, but not everyone knows about it. Speeding up or slowing down the bonding of the glue can cause the wallpaper to adhere poorly to the wall and peel off.
  • Spoofing wallpaper - another common mistake is to stretch the wallpaper as it sticks. Then the wallpaper may shrink and there will be unsightly-looking gaps.
  • Incorrect way of positioning the wallpaper - remember to put the strips of wallpaper on top of each other, so that they do not overlap.
  • Not choosing a wallpaper pattern - difficulties can be brewed by matching patterns on subsequent stripes. Especially if we chose wallpaper with a visible theme, we should try to make sure that the elements continue on the next band.

We hope our article helped you if you were wondering how to put the wallpaper. This is not an easy undertaking, but thanks to proper preparation, you will certainly be able to properly glue the wallpaper. ourwallpaper shopWallcolors offers original wallpaper designs at attractive prices. We adapt the wallpaper to the individual dimensions of the wall - this is a free service. The brits of our wallpapers are always numbered, which allows you to easily fit the wallpaper according to the pattern. If you are interested infashionable wallpapers, it is worth using the products we offer. Wallpaper is a decorative element that will allow you to plan the space in a unique way.

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