Bathroom Transformation with The Dainty Squid: How the "Birds in Garden" Wallpaper Transformed the Interior

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Discover how the collaboration with The Dainty Squid and the choice of our "Birds in Garden" wallpaper transformed an ordinary bathroom into a relaxing enclave of nature. See how the right combination of patterned wallpaper with wall colors can bring harmony and a unique style to your home.

Sometimes what our interior needs is a touch of creativity and courage to introduce something exceptional. Our latest collaboration with The Dainty Squid is a perfect example of how patterned wallpaper can completely transform a space - in this case, a bathroom. The choice was our "Birds in Garden" wallpaper, which brings a refreshing breath of nature into the interior. Immersed in a green oasis, surrounded by delicate birds and leaves, we can experience relaxation at a whole new level. But is installing wallpaper in a bathroom a good idea? As it turns out, properly selected and installed wallpapers can withstand humidity and steam, maintaining their beauty for many years. Equally important is the skillful combination of wall color with patterned wallpapers. In this project, we opted for a contrasting yet harmonious combination of dark green wainscoting with the vibrant wallpaper motif, as discussed in our guide "How to Combine Wall Color with Patterned Wallpapers". The result? A bathroom that has become not only a functional place but a true enclave of beauty and serenity.

How to Harmoniously Combine Patterned Wallpapers with Wall Colors – Inspirations from The Dainty Squid Project

Choosing the right wallpaper is not just a matter of taste, but also a skill in composing patterns and colors. In our latest collaboration project with The Dainty Squid, transforming a bathroom with the "Birds in Garden" wallpaper became an art of blending nature with a refined style.

The Key to Perfect Matching

Just like in any composition, color harmony is crucial. The right choice of wall color to go with patterned wallpaper starts with the wallpaper itself, as it dictates the theme of the space. In our project, the dark green wainscoting was well-balanced with the lively wallpaper motif, creating a unique symphony of colors and patterns that captures the gaze and delights with its design depth.

Monochromatic Background for Bold Patterns

If the wallpaper is dense in patterns and rich in colors, like our "Birds in Garden," it is sensible to use subdued colors on the remaining walls. This way, the wallpaper patterns can truly shine without competing for attention with the rest of the space. Beiges and grays are safe choices that allow for warmth or coolness depending on the dominant palette of the wallpaper.

Contrast as a Bold Choice

For those who value boldness in design, contrasting colors can be an exciting choice. In our project, the contrast between the dark green wainscoting and the bright wallpaper motifs is an example of how bold combinations can add dynamism to a space.

White as a Universal Companion

White is always a safe but also stylish choice. It allows the patterned wallpaper to become the focal point, creating a clean background that emphasizes every detail. In our project, the use of white bathroom fixtures allowed for an even greater highlight of the "Birds in Garden" patterns.

Patterned Wallpapers – Versatility in Every Inch

There is no doubt that patterned wallpapers, such as "Birds in Garden" from Wallcolors, can transform any space. From the living room to the bedroom to the bathroom – each room will gain character and style thanks to well-chosen patterns and colors.

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