Arrangement of the child's room

Decorating your child's room is a challenge! In addition to aesthetic values, the interior design should be cozy, promote relaxation, and in the case of older children should help in concentration. To give the interior a character, it is worth to put on the original pattern of wall decoration. Geometric wallpapers, pastel wallpapers, animal or space-themed wallpapers - everything your little one imagines can have on his wall!

How to match the pattern of wallpaper?

When planning the arrangement of the child's room, first of all, consider what interests it has. If you love animals, choose wallpapers with a theme of forest friends or safari, and if you are interested in automotive, check out the patterns in colorful cars. It is important that your child feels at ease and comfortable, after all, the room is his most important place in the house. Also pay attention to the colors that prevail in this room. If there are one-color, minimalist furniture - you can go crazy with a colorful pattern of wallpaper. If the furniture comes in several shades, put on minimalist wallpaper to maintain balance in the arrangement. The pattern should also be adapted to the age of the child. Bright pastel wallpaper works best in baby rooms, and both muted and vibrant colours will work well in the preschoool room. If you have a teenager in your house, remember that the pattern of wallpaper is not too childish, here you can think of patterns such as geometric or tropical.

Wallpaper for one wall or for the whole?

When choosing wallpaper, consider whether you want to apply it to one wall or the whole room. Wallpaper on all walls will look good in the child's room, but in the case of pastel and delicate patterns. If you choose dark or colored wallpaper, rather put it on one main wall. Thanks to this, it will pay close attention to itself, but will not disturb the whole arrangement of the room. For example, you can paint the remaining walls in a color that scrolls in the wallpaper pattern.

Wallpaper for the girl's room, and wallpaper for the boy's room

What pattern most fits into the girl's room? You can bet on soft pastel colors or go crazy a bit. The pattern in animals, teddy bears or geometric will also work. Wallpaper with a floral and vegetable motif will also work for the girls' room. If you prefer muted arrangements, choose those in shades of beige or pink, and if you prefer bold styling, put on a strong green or navy color. For the boys' room, we are much more likely to choose patterns with a car or Indian motif. You can also match the pattern in animals or forest. The choice of colors depends on the character of the child, some feel better in bright colors, and others in dark ones.

Wallpaper for the ceiling

You can also use the wallpaper in your child's room on the ceiling. This is the original solution, but children will surely be delighted with this idea. On the ceiling you can mount e.g. wallpaper in stars, cosmos or clouds. The child lying down will watch the sky. You can also bet on a strong geometric or botanical pattern - any effect will be spectacular.

Original design

Wallpapers for the child's room is also a very practical solution. The wallpapers are very high quality, water resistant and you can wash them without any problems, which with a small child is very practical. In addition, wallpaper perfectly camouflage imperfections and unevenness of the wall. Our wallpapers are printed with eco-friendly inks, so they are completely safe and do not contain toxins. The choice of patterns is very wide, also you will certainly adapt it to the needs of your toddler. Remember that the pattern primarily matches the interests of your child and reflects its character. Both delicate, matte patterns and crazy ones will give style and charisma to the room. Give character to your child's room!

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